Snow dogs


660 Mývatn


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About the dogs


What type of dogs do you have?

We run the traditional Purebred Siberian Husky.  Most of them come from Múlaræktun


How many dogs will be on my team?

Normally 4-5 dogs when there is one guest on the sled.  6-10 dogs if there are two guest dogs on the sled.   It depends on snow condition and weight of guests.


How fast will the dogs go?

The fastest (about 20km/hour) will be at the very start and on downhills other than there the dogs will pick a comfortable pace that they can maintain which is usually around 10km /hour.   It depends on snow condition as well.


Can we bring treats for the dogs?

No, feeding and giving treats to the dogs. This is only done by Kennel staff.


Can we pet the dogs?

Absolutely, they love people and a good belly rub.  We have good time to pet them and to get to know them after the tour.


Do the dogs enjoy pulling sleds?

Yes, they love doing what they were born & breed for generations to do.


Can we visit the kennel?

Yes, our tours starts from our Kennel.   We will show you our dogs home


Location & weather


Where in Iceland are the Snow Dogs?

We are by Lake Mývatn, North Iceland.   1,5 hours driving from Akureyri, 1 hours from Húsavík, 3 hours from Egilsstaðir.


Where is the closest airport?

Húsavík airport.


When does your season start/stop?

We normally are running by middle of November and go until the end of April/beginning of May.


Do you cancel tours if the weather isn’t good?

Occasionally we have to cancel tours due to blizzards or strong wind. If we do cancel we try to reschedule the tour if that is not possible we refund the tour 100%.


Are there places to stay overnight close by?

We are lucky to have many wonderful accommodation providers in the area. From 4 stars hotels to guest houses with shared bathrooms and camp grounds. Many of them have links on our accommodation page. But if you need help narrowing them down please don’t hesitate to ask.


Where is the closest Restaurant/Gas Station to the trail?

Closest Gas Station is by Sel hotel Mývatn 12km away. In the Mývatn area there is a few good restaurants to those from all year around and a Super market 30 km away from our Kennel.


Tours & rates


Do I get to drive a sled?

Absolutely, you will have your chance driving the team of dogs if you wish to.


How many people go on a sled?

1-2 customers/sled and one guide.


How much time to we spend on the sled and what distance will we cover?

Time can vary quite a bit depending on the dogs, people, weather and trail conditions. So on average, the 2 hour tour is out for about 45-60 minutes on the trail and covers about 7-8 km.


How many people can you accommodate?

Usually we only take 2-4 persons a day on our 2 hour tour. For our Kennel visit we usually have 6 persons per day.


How many sleds go out at once?

Again depends on the day and bookings, normally we only have 2 sleds per day.


Will we see wildlife on the trail?

Not likely. There are only few foxes, mice, ptarmigan and snow buntings here in the winter time. We don’t often see them but we do frequently see their tracks however so we know they are there!


What are the trails/scenery like?

Our kennel is located „in the middle of nowhere“. The trail is in the soft hills in the barren highland of Iceland. When the weather is good we will have a great view over the Mývatn area and into the center highland of Iceland. There will be no trees in our way.


Should we tip our guide?

It is not customary to tip in Iceland but people sometimes tip if they feel their guide provided excellent service.


How should we dress?

Layers is always best in winter, with good winter boots, and a winter wind/water proof outer shell, hat & gloves, sunglasses and you will be set! If you want we can borrow you a warm overall and gloves.


Is there anything we should bring with us?

Just warm clothes, sunglasses and a camera, we take care of the rest.


Should I arrive early for my tour?

We do try and start right on time, so if you are there about 5 minutes early that is great. If you have any questions about directions at all please call us.


What is your cancellation policy?

If we have to cancel than as above, if you cancel the tour 48 hours or more before departure than your tour is refunded 100%, if it is shorter notice than that, we do not refund the tour.


Children & pets


Are children allowed?

Yes! We recommend children to be at least 2 years old for the 2 hour run. There is no age limit for the Kennel visit.


Are there special rates for children?

Children under 12 years get 50% discount. But we like families who travel so contact us and we will find a good price for your family.


Will my child get to drive a sled?

If they are 16 or older absolutely. If they are between 12-16 we can not guarantee it, that decision is left up to your guide who is responsible for everyone’s safety. If they feel it is safe for the dogs & your child than they will be happy to accommodate.


Health & Fitness


Is there a weight restriction?

Dogs aren’t like snowmobiles and can’t pull endlessly. If you are more than 100kg let us know.


Can people with disabilities be accommodated?

We love to accommodate anyone we can with disabilities and try our best. Please talk to us about your specific concerns before you book the tour.