Snow dogs is a small family run company in Mývatn, North Iceland, that specializes in dog sledding tours. We are located at our farm called Heiði, one of the highest houses in Iceland, which is great for dog sledding as we have lots of snow during the  winter season. Our dog sledding season  on snow runs from November till May.


We run a small dog sledding company with only 20-25 Siberian Huskydogs and therefore we manage to give each one of our dogs more attention and greater care. The wellbeing of our dogs is very important to us and we want them to be happy in the Kennel. The Huskies  are unchained and can relax  together in small groups with plenty of space for exercise and to socialize with each other.


All our dogs are pure breed Siberian Husky and most of them are from Múla ræktun ( but we also foster Siberian Huskies  for short terms that need a temporary home. It´s wonderful to see how these dogs change when they have enough exercise and are part of the pack. Our dogs are all very friendly and love to run and pull the sleds, and afterwards they love the attention and a good belly rub..


Our dogs mostly come from 2 separate litters.,Thee first one was from Atlas and Þruma, with  total of 6 puppies, who are all now  big part of our pack.. Atlas has been our most prolific sled dog and it  was for that reason we chose him for breeding. He also loves people more than most dogs do. Þruma is very clever, beautiful and really easy to work with sled dog. We are very excited watching tour young dogs develop,  they are becoming  great sleddogs, who are  also delightful to be around and very beautiful.


                                                                                                                                                                                                          The second litter is from Atlas and Tara and who also had 6 puppies.  They are now teenagers and fully involved in all our dog sledding tours. Tara is one of our best lead dogs on the sleds, as she is  very focused and  hardworking. Also, she is  wonderful to have, as she is one of  our softest and sweetest dogs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The newest additions  to the pack come from our third litter born in 2017. This litter comes from Askja and Evo. They had 4 beautiful puppies. Evo, is our oldest dogs, but still loves to go out on the sleds. He is sweet dog and our alpha male. Askja is a young mum but very caring to her puppies, and becoming a great lead dog out on the sleds. Hopefully these puppies will  be out running on the sleds for the winter 2018-2019.



Snow Dogs is a family run company. Our familyBergþóra is an educated biologist,who  grew upatn our farmHeiði,i but moved away as a teenager with her parents around 20 years ago. Bergþóra has worked as a park ranger and a nature reserve officer for The Environment Agency of Iceland, located in Mývatn. She has also great experience as a guide for Geo Travel.

Sæmundur comes from our capital Reykjavík but first came to Mývatn 2008 as a park ranger for the The Environment Agency of Iceland for one summer but never left. In 2010 he started the tourism company Geo Travel where he worked as guide and manager until the birth of Snow Dogs.

In October 2015, we moved with our family to the farm Heiði and started our dog sledding company.

Snow dogs


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